Play Roulette Online For Free Or Real Money

Tired To Play Online Roulette Games For Fun?

You must have been at least once tempted to play a game of roulette whenever you were feeling too bored to get out of the house, but too lazy to do anything else remotely fun. If you already knew about the existence of online casinos offering 100% free games for gamblers of all ranks and levels of expertise, you might have even tried your luck and played a few rounds of free online roulette. And if you happened to win, you probably also secretly planned to start to play roulette online for real money soon. If you are here because you want to play online roulette games for real cash Monte Carlo or Vegas style, check out these next few lines.

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Play Roulette Online Like A Pro

The French originating game of roulette has come such a long way since its inception in the 17th century. The online roulette games you can now play via your computer or smart mobile devices are still keeping the same basic rules of the initial game, adding more excitement to the wheel spinning through live online dealers, multi bets, and several online roulette variants to choose from, to name just a few extras. Play roulette online using the European version of the game and you shall get to enjoy a better edge against the house. The European and also the French roulette wheels are featuring 37 total slots, 36 numbers and a single ‘zero’ slot. The American version of the game has the extra ‘double zero’ slot, hence it comprises 38 slots, lowering your chances of guessing the upcoming number or color.

Chips And Best – Play Online Roulette With Care

Now, it is time to focus on the chips each online roulette player is going to be have to use to place his or her bets. All chips come in different colors in order for several bets not to get mixed up, and each chips has its own value clearly imprinted on it. place a chip or several chips on your numbers using the entire layout of the table, including its exterior area, and then wait for the online croupier to spin the wheel. Play roulette online and win if you manage to place a bet on the precise number that will come up. The same goes for those bets that you might choose to place outside the table.

Play Roulette Online – Know The Payouts

Take your time and learn the payouts of the game of online roulette you are about to play for real money. Straight up bets that are bets placed on just one number pay 35 to 1, while two-number bets pay 17 to 1, and they are also referred to as split bets. Street bets are bets placed on three numbers and they pay 11 to 1. Four number bets are called corner bets and they pay 8 to 1. Place an outside bet on even and look at a 1 to 1 payout. Play online slots for an equally exciting casino game.